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Trio Concertante (Cramer) - CL/BSN/PN

Composer: Rummel, Chretien

Publisher: TrevCo

Edition: 71536


Trio Concertante, op. 82
for clarinet, bassoon, and piano
by Christian Franz Ludwig Friedrich Alexander Rummel (1787-1849) - German composer, conductor and pianist

Known for his wind compositions for clarinet, Rummel’s Trio Concertante “Fantaisie sur des Thémes de l’Opera Les Huguenots, Op. 82” was originally written for Clarinet (or Violin), Cello, and Piano. In review, the cello part works exceptionally well for the bassoon and hence this edition has been transcribed and edited for that combination.

Unlike Rummel’s Variations for Piano and Bassoon, (also published by TrevCo Music Publishing), the piano part for the Trio Concertante is more of a traditional and equal member of the trio and presents few opportunities for individual bravura. However, that is not to say that the piece lacks that singular element as all instrumentalists get to shine throughout. Although one might consider Rummel to be a contemporary of Beethoven (born 17 years later and died 22 years after Beethoven, sharing 40 years in common), the style of the Trio is certainly more of a late Classical and early Romantic idiom.