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Theme and Variations (Cramer) - BSN/PN

Composer: Rummel, Chretien

Publisher: TrevCo

Edition: 71534


Theme and Variations
for bassoon and piano
by Christian Franz Ludwig Friedrich Alexander Rummel (1787-1849) - German composer, conductor and pianist

Known for his wind compositions for clarinet, Rummel’s Variations for Piano Forte and Bassoon from 1818 stand out as a singular work for those two instruments. It presents an equal partnership for the two instrumentalists; not a piece for bassoon with piano accompaniment, but rather a masterful combination of bravura and stylistic reserve for both instruments as they take turns showcasing the respective colors and abilities of their instruments. As the bassoonist embarks on finding a capable pianist it would be best for her or him to share the piano part, which can be deceptively challenging for some, realizing that Rummel, as an instrumentalist, was first a pianist and a clarinetist second, with the occasional nod to other members of the wind family. This new, modern edition, based on the 1818 manuscript has been lightly edited for clarity and consistency.