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New Pieces for Oboe V2-OB/PN

Composer: Collection

Publisher: Royal School of Music (England) ABRSM

Edition: 1641


New Pieces for Oboe Volume 2
for oboe and piano
Grade 5
1. Echo- Stephen Dodgson
2. Plaint- Stephen Dodgson
3. Toccatina- David Lyon
4. Chant- Richard Stoker
5. Aira- Arthur Wills
6. Nan's Song- Sebastian Forbes
Grade 6
1. Romance- Christopher Brown
2. Capriccio- Christopher Brown
3. Day Off- Andrew Byrne
4. Bacchus- John Hall
5. Niobe- John Hall
6. Danse- Richard Stoker
Twelve pieces for oboe and piano of moderate difficulty by such noted British composers as Richard Stoker, Christopher Brown, Andrew Byrne, and several more. Contains some undiscovered gems!