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Three Love Songs (performance scores) - BSN/VOICE

Composer: Romine, Ryan D.

Publisher: TrevCo

Edition: 2028 - 68642


Three Love Songs
for bassoon and voice
by Ryan D. Romine - American bassoonist, composer, and educator
  1. Touched by an Angel - Text attributed to Maya Angelou
  2. I Would Live in Your Love - text by Sara Teasdale
  3. A Red, Red Rose - text by Robert Burns

Three Love Songs came into being as a bit of unexpected wedding music for some dear friends who wished to include both me and my partner, Byron (a singer), in their ceremony. As there is not much repertoire readily available for bassoon and voice, the first thought was to simply arrange existing material. However, not being satisfied with what I found, and perhaps being a little overly brave, I offered to just write something new. The results are in no way complex or academically artful, but hopefully they still carry with them something of the simple truths of love.
Many thanks to Andrew Herring for doing the initial Sibelius engraving, to Trevor Cramer for agreeing to help share these little tunes with the world, and to Byron James for so patiently standing beside me, on stage and in life, for all these years. 
--Ryan D. Romine

This title comes as two performance scores.