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Bassoon Reimagined: A Sourcebook for Performers and Composers - BOOK

Composer: Romine, Ryan D.

Publisher: Ryan Romine (composer)

Edition: 70183


Bassoon Reimagined
A Sourcebook for Performers and Composers
by Ryan D. Romine (b. 1982) - American bassoonist, composer, and educator
Includes: Fantastic Tales: 32 Character Studies on Bassoon Extended Technique
Bassoon Reimagined is the most complete English-language resource for performers and composers seeking to learn about extended techniques for bassoon. Each topic (bisbigliando, glissandi, multiphonics, mutes, etc.) is described in its own detailed article with separate notes for those learning to execute the technique (how-to, workarounds, etc.) and for those wishing to write it into a new work (notation, dynamic and range limits, etc.).
This encyclopedic work also includes Fantastic Tales, a set of 32 characteristic solo studies designed to introduce younger players (late high school through collegiate and beyond) to many of the extended techniques covered in Bassoon Reimagined. These short pieces work well for both lesson and recital settings, where any number can be combined into a suite for performance.
1) Numerous techniques described in English for the first time
2) Detailed list of multiple fingering options for whole-step and half-step glissandi—ascending and descending
3) Quick guide to quarter tone fingerings
4) Listing of multiphonics that sound as traditional harmonies
5) Detailed pitch information on key slaps
6) Pattern and instructions for constructing a DIY bassoon mute
7) Bibliography for further reading