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Tanganera Astoriana - BSN/PN

Composer: Reis, Rui dos

Publisher: Editions Luso Formosa

Edition: 60469


Tanganera Astoriana
un hommage a Astor Piazzolla
for bassoon and piano
by Rui dos Reis - Swiss composer

The Tanganera is a style-fusion musical "scherzo", where Latin meets classic both stirred in a jazzy sauce, like a three-inch Argentine pampa Piazzolla Tournedo marinated in an unctuous cajun sauce with a matching aged Roja. As unusual as it is to have bassoonists entangled in a non-classical environment, I hope that they will appreciate some swingy dancing piece that will have them discover and enjoy the so-called entertainment music. The cadenza is by no means obligato. It is merely a suggestion for those who are not comfortable improvising. Feel free to embellish on your own. 
-Rui dos Reis
Please visit the composer's website for more details, including a sound file of the piece, as performed by Catherine Van Handel, who the piece is dedicated to.  Catherine is not only the composer's daughter, but currently principal bassoon in Milwaukee.