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Moonlit Meeting - REED5 OB(EH)/CL/ASX/BCL/BSN

Composer: Rabb, Kincaid

Publisher: TrevCo

Edition: 71347


Moonlit Meeting (2022)
for reed quintet: oboe (EH), clarinet, alto sax, bass clarinet, and bassoon

by Kincaid Rabb (b.1993) - American composer


Moonlit Meeting is a complicated work for reed quintet about heartbreak, joy, and navigating men's spaces within the queer community. It was originally composed in 2015 as a response to a failed, strung-out relationship that was somehow both unrequited and fulfilled at the same time and remains one of my most emotionally devastating works to this day. The work is infused with instability and change, with different voices constantly revealing different faces of the relationship. As you listen to Moonlit Meeting's awkward tensions and ecstatic releases, its delicious harmonies and vulnerable flourishes, you may hear passion, melancholy, and abandonment in each note.


Kincaid Rabb (b. 1993, they/them pronouns) is an award-winning writer and music-maker, working at the intersection of storytelling and new music. Kincaid is an artist-scholar whose research includes musical narratology, emotional catharsis, and the phenomenon of the theme park as inspiration. Using narration, worldbuilding, and a strong sense of fun and play, Kincaid creates musical experiences that immerse audiences into intimate spaces and that reward waders, swimmers, and divers alike. Kincaid produces works that trapeze artistic disciplines, curating performances that seamlessly integrate different sensory experiences and create lasting memories through relatable stories. 

Kincaid’s collaborations have included Paradise Winds, The _____ Experiment, the Driftwood Quintet, Kontra Duo, Keyed Kontraptions, Duo R2, the Brelby Theatre Company, and the faculty and students at the University of Arizona and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Kincaid is a founding member of Basket of Owls, an ensemble of musician-narrators dedicated to curating spaces for unheard stories, and flourish! new music ensemble, an ensemble committed to sparking joy in new music. Their principal teachers have included Douglas Harbin, Daniel Asia, Pamela Decker, Diego Vega, and Jennifer Bellor. 

Currently residing in Tucson, Arizona, Kincaid graduated with a Master of Music in Composition in 2021 from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where they held graduate assistantships in theory, composition, and musicology. They graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Music in Composition in 2017. Kincaid is a member of the Millennium Composers Initiative, is affiliated with ASCAP, and is published with Trevco Music. Kincaid can usually be found at Scented Leaf in Tucson, Arizona, sipping on a matcha lemonade, watching the world go by and writing their next adventure into music. 

For more information about Kincaid and their music, please visit