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Composer: Prince, Whitney

Publisher: Potenza Music

Edition: 70010


Wind Music
for horn, bassoon, percussion, and piano
by Whitney Prince
  1. Rounding the Horn
  2. Lake Effect
  3. The Set of the Sail
Wind Music by Whitney Prince is a three movement chamber work for horn, bassoon, percussion and piano inspired by the commissioner's love of sailing.  The first movement, Rounding the Horn, depicts the dangerous storms and cross currents around Cape Horn, South Africa. The second movement, Lake Effect, portrays the contradictory perceptions of time and motion that can occur while sailing. The final movement, The Set of the Sail, is drawn from American poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox's poem "The Winds of Fate."
Required Percussion:
3 graduated tom-toms
2 bongos
chinese cymbals
small suspended cymbal
large triangle
large tam-tam
crotales (2 octaves)