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Three Pieces for Bassoon and Guitar - BSN/GUITAR

Composer: Albaugh, Michael

Publisher: Potenza Music

Edition: 65635


Three Pieces
for Bassoon and Guitar
by Michael Albaugh - American composer
I. Color of Night
II. Edaneres
III. El Baile de las Almas (Dance of the lost souls)
Commissioned by bassoonist and theorist Terry Ewell, Three Pieces for bassoon and guitar was premiered at West Virginia University. Composed as character pieces to highlight the warm and sonorous sound of the bassoon and nylon string classical guitar, each work is representing a style or genre of music that would bring out the expressive qualities of both instruments. 
Color of Night was composed to highlight a jazzy feel with a progressive flare toward the contemporary modalities of popular music. Played on nylon strings the work is in a binary form highlighting jazz and then to a percussive rock feel with extended techniques for the guitarist. 
Edaneres is a serenade mimicking the warm and peaceful new age guitar works that have flooded the market in the previous decade. Soft, peaceful and full of energy reaching for the heart and memories of those we love.
El Baile de las Almas (Dance of the lost souls) is written with a Spanish flare to highlight the multiple stylistic textures of the guitar with the bassoon leading triumphantly as if toreadors were to enter the arena to fight the bull whilst dancing with the souls of lost bullfighters. Each piece is unrelated and can be performed on its own or as a group. 
-Michael Albaugh