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Second Fantasy on an Austrian Theme-OB/BSN/PN or CL/BSN/PN or FL/BSN/PN

Composer: Brod, Henri

Publisher: Phylloscopus Publications (England)

Edition: 65401


Second Fantasy on an Austrian Theme
for oboe (or flute, or violin, or clarinet), bassoon (or cello), and piano
by Henri Brod (1799-1839)- French composer and oboist


The Second Fantasy on an Austrian Theme is written in operatic style with elaborate variations for each player, the pianist included. It is music of its time, dramatizing a slight but pleasant folk melody in a way which may seem exaggerated today. Providing that one does not take it too seriously, there is much to enjoy in the decorative soaring phrases and the coy duet of oboe and bassoon. Henri Brod provided an alternative part for flute, differing slightly from the oboe part, which he also suggested might be played by violin or clarinet. Parts are provided fro flute and clarinet. A violin may read directly from the flute or oboe part, and a cellist may read the bassoon part.