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Cake Dance Suite (score & parts) - 2OB/EH

Composer: Aitken, Elizabeth

Publisher: Phylloscopus Publications (England)

Edition: 65360


Cake Dance Suite
for two oboes and English horn
by Elizabeth Aitken (b. 1949) - English composer
I. Eclair- French Courtly Dance
II. Dundee Cake- Scottish Reel
III. Black Forest Gateau- Landler (Waltz in Wellies)
IV. Muffin- Sousa March


The Cake Dance Suite is a light-hearted set of four Miniatures. Each "slice" contains an original dance melody and then play about with the tunes from the country concerned- straight or adapted. For example, Eclair has a French carol, a whiff of the Marseillaise and hints of Frere Jacques shared among the players. 

7/4/2023 This piece is out of print and the publisher has gone out of business.  We have sold our last copy.