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Selected Catches from "The Modern Catch-Club"-3VOICES/BSN

Composer: Baildon, Joseph

Publisher: Phylloscopus Publications (England)

Edition: PP413


Selected Catches from "The Modern Catch-Club"
for three voices and bassoon (or cello)
by  Mssrs Bailson & Burney, and Drs Boyce, Hayes, & Nares


A Catch is a variety of the English musical form known as the Round, a short unaccompanied vocal canon with the canonic imitation at the unison or the octave. One example is "Three Blind Mice", which dates from the 16th century. The Modern Catch-Club was published in 1770. These ten Catches chosen from the collection are in three parts which can be sung by solo voices or chorally. Their words a relatively clean, but they do have an explicit bass part. The bassoon or cello plays the bass repeatedly while each voice joins at the top as the preceding voice reaches the second line.