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Meditation-OBD'AM/PN or OB/PN

Composer: Young, William

Publisher: Phylloscopus Publications (England)

Edition: PP319


for oboe d'amore (or oboe) and piano
by William Young-Irish 20th century composer


Music for oboe d'amore is not plentiful. Enthused by the distinguished musician Derek Bell- expert in oboe d'amore and many other instruments- I wrote this piece for oboe d'amore and piano. The sound natures of the oboe and oboe d'amore differ considerably. When we accept that difference, however, we can find this music equally suitable for performance on oboe. It is present here, then, to be played on either instrument. 

While the music has a basis of key, it exercises a twentieth century freedom from the norms of traditional triadic composition. In performance its feelings should range from expressive calmness to the greatest intensity that can be achieved without overstepping the limits of good instrumental sound. Sensitive flexibility of timing is required, in both rubato and tempo. As the music is far from being metronomic in nature, I prefer to describe its general tempo as slowish but never dragging. The widely-spread pianistic build-up of harmony is a vital part of the music's character. That build-up is totally dependent on the piano's right pedal. The achieve what is intended, it is essential to use the pedaling indicated in the score. 

-William Young