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Animations II (score & parts) - 3BSN

Composer: Hermann, Avril

Publisher: Phylloscopus Publications (England)

Edition: PP233


Animations II
Three Pieces for Bassoon Trio
by Avril Hermann (b. 1940) - British composer
I. Kangaroo Kapers
II. Lion's Lament
III. Buffalo Blues

Animations, and its sequel, Animations II were written by Avril herself and two teaching colleagues, who all felt the need for more fun music for bassoon trio. Having exhausted the existing resources, the answer was for Avril to write her own. The first set of animal portraits, composed in 1993, was a great success with both players and audience, and the second set followed soon after, in 1994. In both Animations and Animations II, there is a variety in style and mood, and the music lies well for the instruments, thought the second set is more challenging than the first. In the first set, each player in turn gets the chance to hold the tune, and to play with a more focused tone. In both sets, the upper part is more strenuous than the others and might be played by the tutor, while pupils could take on the lower parts, giving them the experience of playing in short, rewarding and entertaining pieces suited to their skills. 

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