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Bassoon Goals: Scales and Arpeggios - BSN METHOD

Composer: Pierce, Amanda

Publisher: Blue Moon

Edition: 71413


Bassoon Goals: Scales and Arpeggios 
by Amanda Pierce - American bassoonist and pedagogue

This scale book includes warm-ups, major scales, and arpeggios in all keys, chromatic scales, and a complete bassoon fingering chart. Also included is a scale chart to track your progress as you work on each scale variation. Tired of using 3 or 4 different scale books for bassoon? This beautifully designed book has scales in ALL keys and for ALL levels. You will only need ONE book for beginners through advanced bassoonists.
Scales Included in Each Key

  • One Octave (Half + Quarter Notes)

  • Two Octave (Quarter + Eighth Notes)

  • Three Octave (up to high D) or Double Time (Eighth + Sixteenth Notes)

  • Broken Arpeggio

  • Relative Natural Minor

  • Scale of Thirds

  • Extended Full Range

  • Arpeggio Progression