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Composer: Perez, Pedro B.

Publisher: Moose (Mihaylov Editions)

Edition: MOOSE 1


A Peruvian Waltz
for bassoon, piano, double bass, and cajon

by Pedro B. Perez and Margarita Duran

Musical arrangement by Victor Hugo Marchand

Interpretation by Toma Mihaylov

This genre, also known as Creole Waltz, has its origin on the influence of Viennese Waltz as it reached the halls of high society of Lima in the last decades of the 19th century. 

At the beginning of the 20th century, Viennese Waltz was transformed by the masses in Peru, combined with native musical roots, and was scattered on alleys, patios, and different popular housing in their "jaranas" (Popular neighborhood parties). The result is a waltz with faster tempo, more playful rhythm and simpler instrumentation, usually lead vocals with two guitars, that in the 1940s changed to piano, bass, and various percussion instruments. Over the coming decades, various other influences such as tango, blues, fox-trot, bolero, and bossa nova added their harmonies.