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Concerto #2-ASX/BSN/PN (or HPSCHD)

Composer: Roesgen-Champion, Marguerite

Publisher: Prairie Dawg Press (Bruce Gbur)

Edition: 266


Deuxieme concert pour saxophone alto, basson, et clavecin ou piano

by Marguerite Roesgen-Champion (1894-1976)

I. Prelude
II. Allegro moderato
III. Intermede
IV. Final
This work is unique in the chamber music literature, if only for its unusual instrumentation. The four-movement work explores a variety of moods. The first, with its preponderance of arpeggiated chords in the keyboard creates a mood of early Baroque music. The second consists of a dialogue between the two wind instrument, while the third seems to be influenced by the Gymnopedies of Erik Satie. The final movements creates a mood of sinister tension with melodic passages in octaves in the saxophone and bassoon over a busy keyboard accompaniment. Edited by Bruce Gbur.