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Songs and Dances-OB/PN

Composer: Feldman, James

Publisher: Prairie Dawg Press (Bruce Gbur)

Edition: 258


Songs and Dances for oboe and piano

by James Feldman (1940-2008)

I. Gay and rhythmic
II. Expressively with rather free rhythm
III. Brightly
IV. Sadly
V. Gaily
VI. With quiet expression
VII. Flamboyantly


Songs and Dances comprise seven short works that are conservative in their harmonic language and very accessible to audiences of all tastes. The final movement is of special interest on two counts: texturally, Feldman pairs the oboe with a single line in the left hand of the piano throughout the piece; rhythmically, his wry sense of humor is manifested in having the oboe and the piano in two different meters, the two part occasionally converging on a mutually strong beat. Edited by Bruce Gbur.