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Music for Oboes (Score & Parts)-OB/EH/BSN (Baritone oboe)

Composer: Broughton, Bruce

Publisher: Prairie Dawg Press (Bruce Gbur)

Edition: 165


Music for Oboes for oboe, English horn and baritone oboe (or bassoon)

by Bruce Broughton (b. 1945)

I. Light-spirited; carefree
II. March-like; in strict time
III. Lightly


This 3-movement challenging work by noted Hollywood composer was written for Oboe, English Horn, and Baritone Oboe. The publisher has wisely included an alternate 3rd part for Bassoon in lieu of Baritone Oboe (Because really, who has a Heckelphone?) A number of well-known oboe excerpts are quoted throughout the work. Edited by Bruce Gbur.