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Twelve Old English Songs (Performance Scores)-2BSN

Composer: Twinn, Sydney

Publisher: Prairie Dawg Press (Bruce Gbur)

Edition: 161


Twelve Old English Songs for two bassoons

Arranged by Sydney Twinn

  1. Here's to the Maiden
  2. Black Eyed Susan
  3. The Thorn
  4. Near Woodstock Town
  5. The Arethusa
  6. Tom Bowling
  7. Simon the Cellarer
  8. Down Among the Dead Men
  9. The Three Ravens
  10. The Leather Bottle
  11. The Girt I Left Behind Me
  12. There Was a Jolly Miller

12 moderately easy and short duets. A wonderful addition to the repertoire for student and teacher or just 2 bassoonists who want to enjoy!