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Squeak Big: Practical Fundamentals for the Successful Clarinetist - BOOK

Composer: Paglialonga, Phillip O.

Publisher: Imagine Music

Edition: 61944


Squeak Big: Practical Fundamentals for the Successful Clarinetist

By Phillip O. Paglialonga - American clarinetist and pedagogue

"Squeak Big" is filled with healthy, concise, no-nonsense advice, as well as some great tips and tricks. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to advance their relationship with the clarinet. (Samuel Caviezel - Associate Principal Clarinet, Philadelphia Orchestra)


"Squeak Big" is a wonderful resource for student and teacher alike. In it, Dr. Paglialonga provides helpful insights on clarinet playing from the fundamentals of producing a beautiful sound to hints on practicing in real life situations. His methodical approach helps to demystify clarinet playing and is geared towards helping improve both technique and musicianship. A must-have for any clarinetist's library! (Benjamin Lulich - Principal Clarinet, Cleveland Orchestra)


"Squeak Big" is full of useful information.  I highly recommend it to anyone who's looking for practical ways to become a better clarinetist! (Alexander Fiterstein - Prominent International Soloist)


I would recommend "Squeak Big" to anyone wanting to improve or better understand the fundamentals of sound clarinet playing. (Carey Bell - Principal Clarinet, San Francisco Symphony)


Phillip Paglialonga has written a thoughtful and detailed treatise on playing the clarinet.  He communicates from a thorough knowledge of the instrument and its workings.  This volume is a valuable reference for teachers and performers alike, replete with numerous practical suggestions and exercises.  If only every clarinet player could digest the information Dr. Paglialonga sets forth herein, good solid foundations would be formed and bad habits easily prevented. (John Bruce Yeh - Assistant Principal Clarinet, Chicago Symphony)


"Squeak Big" provides valuable advice for players at every stage of development, with easy practical methods, useful exercises, and even a bit of historical context.   I've already been able to incorporate many of these ideas, not only into my teaching, but also into my own playing! (Ralph Skiano - Principal Clarinet, Detroit Symphony)


"Squeak Big" is excellent and I'm sure it will be of great value to many players. Phillip Paglialonga explains so many of the fundamentals in a very clear, concise way. Bravo! (Larry Guy - Prominent Pedagogue)