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New Method for Bassoon 1803 (Lyman) - BSN

Composer: Ozi, Etienne

Publisher: TrevCo

Edition: 6058 - 68501


New Method for Bassoon (1803)
by Etienne Ozi (1754-1813) - French bassoonist and composer

Translated from the French and edited by Jeff Lyman. This edition comes with extensive notes on the text. Chapters include:

Table of Contents

  • Foreward and Editorial Remarks
  • Translation Title Page
  • Orders Relating to the Adoption of a Method for Bassoon
  • Tablature for the 7-Keyed Bassoon
  • Article I. In the Manner of Holding the Instrument
  • Article II. Formation of Sound
  • Article III. On the Embouchure
  • Article IV. On the Quality of the Reed
  • Article V. On Fingering
  • Article VI. Articulation and Nuances
  • Article VII. On Vocal Embellishments:
    1. First Section: On the Small Note
    2. Second Section: On the Trill
    3. Third Section: On the Small Group of Groupetto
  • Article VIII. On the Manner of Phrasing and Breathing
  • Article IX. ON the Adagio
  • Article X. On the Allegro
  • Article XI. On the Character of the Bassoon
  • Scales
  • Lessons
  • Tenor Clef Exercises
  • Petites Sonates
  • Grandes Sonates
  • Varied Scales
  • Caprices
  • Care of the Instrument
  • Instruction for Making Reeds
  • Sources and Select Bibliography