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42 Caprices (score & parts)(Jacobs) - 2BSN

Composer: Ozi, Etienne

Publisher: Trent Jacobs

Edition: 71410


42 Caprices 
for two bassoons
by Etienne Ozi (1754-1813) - French bassoonist and composer

2nd bassoon part by Trent Jacobs 

from Trent:

The 42 Caprices by Etienne Ozi have long been a favorite resource of mine for the study of Classical era musical style. Before Weissenborn there was Ozi, and most bassoonists around the world owe a great deal of our pedagogy to his writings. Through a number of years of studying them and assigning these to my students, I found a number of regular challenging features that I felt could be made easier for the student if an accompaniment part or duet part was available. For the most part, Ozi is rather unambitious in terms of harmonic content, highlighting primary functional chords with very limited chromaticism. The harmony is most often very clearly outlined, with most or all primary chord tones clearly delivered in the bassoon line. However, Ozi’s sense of phrasing is often perplexing to students, and younger students who have not yet had a typical year of collegiate music theory may not have the intuitive sense of the underlying harmony. Having a supporting voice more clearly outlining the phrase structure and harmony helps provide much needed context for these students. The second part also provides a sometimes much needed rhythmic stability to passages that students tend to be more cavalier with the tempo on. Plus, it’s fun to play with others!