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Warlike Musick (1760)-OB/PN

Composer: Ledger, Philip

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Edition: 357552


Warlike Music
for oboe (or violin, or flute) and piano/continuo
Edited by Philip Ledger
1. March by Mr. Handel
2. King George Ist's March
3. Lord Cutt's March
4. Prince Henry of Prussia's March
5. Geminiani's Trumpet Serenade
6. March
7. March in ALFRED
8. March by Mr. Handel
9. Amhurst's March to Louisbourg
10. March
11. A March in Scipio- GF Handel
12. March in the Occasional Oratorio- GF Handel
13. March in Judas Maccabeus- GF Handel
14. A March in Richard the First- GF Handel
15. March- Sammartini
16. Count Saxe's March
17. General Wolfe's March
18. March by Mr. Handel
in 1760, John Walsh brought together four volumes of short pieces reflecting the mood of the times, issuing them under the title, "Warlike Musick". This period of intense military activity both in Europe and North American is mirrored in many of the original titles.