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Temptation - SOLO BSN

Composer: O'Riordan, Kirk

Publisher: Kirk O'Riordan (composer)

Edition: 51859


for solo bassoon
by Kirk O'Riordan (b. 1968) - American composer

Temptation was first composed in 1994 for Jeff Lyman. I was a graduate students at the time, very young in my compositional career, and editing this piece twenty-three years later has given me an interesting perspective on what changed in my composing and what has not. 
The piece hoped to express those first timid forays into personal exploration; for me this was about testing the waters as a composer in an attempt to find my voice. I could try different languages or different effects for the sake of trying them, but I often found certain techniques lacking in those qualities I wanted to explore most. 
In hindsight, Temptation isn't so much about the Biblical connotations of being tempted as it is about finding what was truly important to me as a young composer. I have taken great joy in revisiting it and allowing me to begin this journey; and to Saxton Rose whose support of the piece inspired its current edition. 

-Kirk O'Riordan