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Quintet for Reeds (Score & Parts)-OB/CL/BCL/ASAX/BSN

Composer: O'Riordan, Kirk

Publisher: Kirk O'Riordan (composer)

Edition: KOR2009


Quintet for Reeds (2009, revised 2018)
for oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, and bassoon
by Kirk O'Riordan (b. 1968)- American composer and saxophonist
I. delicate, serene
II. lightly, with energy
III. cadenza: freely, espressivo
IV. legato semplice; allegro con spirit

In the past century, the traditional Woodwind Quintet (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn, and Bassoon) has been established as a viable compositional medium. A great deal of interesting music has been composed for the ensemble, with more new pieces composed every year. It is certainly, though, not an easy ensemble to compose for: balance and tone issues challenge the composer in ways that are not as evident in ensembles of like instruments (string quartet, saxophone quartet, etc.).
This ensemble, however, strikes a good balance between color variation and unity. That each instrument produces sound with a reed (or two) makes the differences in timbre and projection less stark. In composing for this ensemble, I wanted to explore the colors and nuances that this group of instruments could create, but I wanted to accomplish that with limitations on pitch material and form: the first and second movements are constructed from the same six pitches, and the final two are constructed almost exclusively from perfect fifths. Each movement is elided, from last pitch to first, and the final movement recalls the first.
The Quintet was completed in July, 2009, and is dedicated to the EastWind Ensemble.
-Kirk O'Riordan
Duration: 14:00