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Night Windows (2008)-OB/PN

Composer: Musgrave, Thea

Publisher: Novello (England)

Edition: 957781


Night Windows (2008)
for oboe and piano
by Thea Musgrave (b. 1928)- Scottish composer- living in the US since 1972
I. Loneliness
II. Anger
III. Nostalgia
IV. Despair
V. Frenzy
Walking down a darkened street it’s hard to resist looking in through lighted windows and catching a glimpse of other people’s lives. The imagination lingers…
Night Windows is the title of a painting by Edward Hopper of a scene in one such lighted window. However the scenes in this work – though reflecting something of all the loneliness in so many of the Hopper paintings – are all imaginary: highly charged emotional moments.
The work was commissioned by the International Double Reed Society and it is dedicated to Nicholas Daniel.
Program note © 2007 Thea Musgrave
Duration: 13:00