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Three English Voluntaries-OB/ORGAN(PN)

Composer: Marchant, Susan

Publisher: Morning Star Music

Edition: 60300


Three English Voluntaries
for oboe and organ (or piano)
Arranged by Susan Marchant
1. Cornet Voluntary-George Berg from "Voluntary in g minor op.2 #6"
2. Pastorale- Charles Wesley from "Voluntary #3 in g minor"
3. Gavotte- Matthew Cambridge from "Six Concertos for the Organ or Grand Pianoforte Op.13#3


In this collection, the first work is an arrangement of a Cornet Voluntary by George Berg- a native German who studied, and later settled, in 18th-century England. Charles Wesley, an English organist and harpsichordist, nephew of John Wesley and brother of Samuel Wesley, wrote the lovely Pastorale. the concluding Gavotte (originally in a minor) appears as an organ solo in a concerto by Matthew Cambridge, and English organist who was born and lived in York.The 18th-century English organ differed dramatically from its Germanic counterpart in its lack of an independent pedal division. It would therefor be inappropriate to utilize the pedals of a modern organ in playing the bass lines. the performer will immediately discover that the organ is at times accompanimental, at times soloistic. The first piece calls for a cornet or other colorful treble solo registration, whereas the second affords an opportunity for performance as a duet between the oboe and a comparable reed of the organ. Although Oboe is the preferred instrument for these pieces because the figuration resembles the writing found in oboe repertoire from this period, we have provided options for both Violin and Clarinet in B-flat.

-Susan Marchant