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Gran Concerto su temi dall'opera "I Vespri Sicilani" di Verdi - OB/PN

Composer: Pasculli, Antonio

Publisher: Musica Rara (Germany)

Edition: 2131


Gran Concerto su temi dall'opera "I Vespri Sicilani" di Verdi
for oboe and piano
by Antonio Pasculli (1842-1924) - Italian composer and oboe virtuoso

Edited by James Ledward
During the 19th century, fantasias on tunes from well-known operas became very popular. Indeed, once French composer, Abraham was said to have been able to write on demand a fantasia on any opera. FJ Fetis described him as "a sort of craftsman-musician in the pay of the music merchants". As a result, we have inherited a large number of pieces based on the most famous operas of the last century, and they are slowly being rediscovered. Some of these arrangements were intended for amateur players, and the technical demands of these could not be too high. In the case of the fantasias for oboe, we rarely find easy works, and the compositions of Garimond, De Stefani, Parma, Barret, Fargues, etc seem to pave the way for those of the two virtuosos Theodore Lalliet (1837-1892) and Antonio Pasculli (1842-1924) in whose works new heights of technical difficulty were reached.