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Concerto in F Major-OB/VLN/PN

Composer: Telemann, Georg Philipp

Publisher: Musica Rara (Germany)

Edition: 1940a


Concerto in F Major
for oboe, violin, and piano
by Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767)- German Baroque composer
I. Largo
II. Allegro vivace
III. Andante
Edited by Anders Wiklund, 1978. This edition is based on the manuscript #2392/0/24 of the Saxon Landes-bibliothek in Dresden. When the manuscript, which is a carefully written copy, consists of only three movements; Largo-Vivace-Largo, the Vivace can be repeated as a fourth movement in order to get a better balance of the concerto. Trills and slurs are original except those in brackets which are editorial. A few obviously wrong notes have been corrected without comment. There are no dynamic indications in the original and none have been added as they are rather obvious because of the interplay between soli and tutti. The harmonization of the basso continuo may be taken as a suggestion.