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L'Alphabet de la Musique Op 30 V6-OB/PN (Basso Continuo)

Composer: Schickhardt, Johann Christian

Publisher: Musica Rara (Germany)

Edition: 1928


L'Alphabet de la Musique Op 30 Volume 6
for oboe (or treble recorder) and piano (basso continuo)
by Johann Christian Schickhardt (1682-1762)- German composer and woodwind player
Sonata #21 in Bb Major
I. Preludio Allegro
II. Sarabanda Adagio
III. Allemanda Allegro
IV. Corrente Vivace
V. Allegro
VI. Giga Allegro
VII. Menuet Andante
Sonata #22 in b-flat minor
I. Cantabile
II. Allemanda Allegro
III. Sarabanda Largo
IV. Allegro
V. Corrente Vivace
VI. Menuet Vivace
VII. Giga Allegro
Sonata #23 in B Major
I.  Adagio
II. Vivace
III. Allemanda Allegro
IV. Corrente Vivace
V. Sarabanda Adagio
VI. Giga Allegro
VII. Presto
Sonata #24 in b minor
I. Adagio
II. Allemanda Allegro
III. Vivace
IV. Corrente Vivace
V. Sarabanda Largo
VI. Allegro
VII. Giga Allegro
VIII. Minuet Andante
Edited with a continuo realization by Paul J. Everett. This edition comes with a part for solo recorder (or oboe, or flute), a realized keyboard continuo, as well as a separate basso part, playable on any bass clef instrument such as cello or bassoon. 
Volume 1 is available as MR 1923.
Volume 2 is available as MR 1924.
Volume 3 is available as MR 1925.
Volume 4 is available as MR 1926
Volume 5 is available as MR 1927.
Volume 6 is available as MR 1928.