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Concerto in d minor (Voxman/Hervig) (Score & Set)-OB/ORCH

Composer: Marcello

Publisher: Musica Rara (Germany)

Edition: 1891b


The Marcello Oboe Concerto is arguably the most recognized and performed work for the instrument. This beautiful three movement concerto is accessible to younger oboists as well as professionals. This piece is frequently performed in the key of c minor, or in the key of d minor. TrevCo-Varner Music offers the work in both keys, both for oboe and piano, or oboe and orchestra.

When selecting an edition of this work, check the second movement's ornamentation carefully. Many editions provide the ornamentation by Richard Lauschmann, others use the ornamentation by J.S. Bach (based off of his edition of the piece for harpsichord, BWV 974), and some offer no written out ornamentation at all.

This particular edition in d minor for oboe and orchestra has printed both the original (non-ornamented) part, with the J.S. Bach ornamentations printed above in movement two. In other movements, it includes ossia ornamentation suggestions by Bach, as selected by Voxman.

Edited by Himie Voxman, Keyboard part by Richard Hervig.

Both the solo oboe part, score, and orchestral parts are provided in this edition. The editors have included interesting historical and editorial notes in this edition.

To order the piano reduction of this edition, please click on the following link: