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Dreamscape - OB/PN

Composer: Morris, Alyssa

Publisher: TrevCo

Edition: 3187 - 56273


for oboe and piano
by Alyssa Morris (b. 1984) - American composer
I. Falling Asleep and Chase
II. What?
III. Innuendo
IV. Nightmare and Awakening


Dreamscape tells the story of a dreamer. In the first movement, Falling Asleep and Chase, the "dreamer's motive" is introduced in the opening statement given by the oboe. This motive returns many times throughout the concerto. In this movement, the dreamer falls asleep and is immediately jarred into a dream of a frantic chase. The second movement, What?, depicts the strange dream. Whether it is pink polka-dotted elephants or flying pigs, this dream mixes plenty of abnormalities into a normal waltz. The third movement, Innuendo, is the dreamer's steamy love scene. Movement four, Nightmare and Awakening, begins with an unsettled return of the dreamer's motive, as if the dreamer is struggling to wake up but instead falls into a deeper state of sleep. The dream becomes a Nightmare. The tension increases until the orchestra halts and the oboe present a cadenza. After the oboe's singular plea, the dreamer awakens. The dreamer's motive is again presented, but this time with more clarity and optimism. The concerto ends quietly and introspectively. The dreamer, now aware of reality, has heightened clarity and is quietly grateful for life. 

Commissioned by William D. and Lois W. Johnson. Premiered February 27th, 2014 by Jeralee Johnson. This work is originally for oboe and orchestra. This piano reduction is by the composer. The complete score and set of orchestra parts is available on a rental basis directly from the composer.