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Collision Etudes - SOLO OB

Composer: Morris, Alyssa

Publisher: TrevCo

Edition: 3850 - 56274


Collision Etudes 
for solo oboe
by Alyssa Morris (b. 1984) - American composer and oboist
    1. Summertime- Mary Cassatt
    2. City Landscapes- Joan Mitchell
    3. Jimson Weed- Georgia O'Keeffe
    4. Rainbow- Alma Thomas
    5. Autumn Leaves- Georgia O'Keeffe
    6. My World is Not Flat- Margarete Bagshaw

Collision Etudes was inspired by and composed as a response to Gilles Silvestrini's wonderful etude collection: Six Etudes Pour Hautbois. Where Silvestrini's collection is based on six French Impressionistic paintings, Collision Etudes is based on six paintings by female American painters. American is a melting pot, a beautiful "collision" of cultures and beliefs. Collision Etudes highlights a collision of contemporary art styles, while brining awareness to several significant female American artists.