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Pas à pas (2000) (performance score) - BSN/ACCORDION

Composer: Mochizuki, Misato

Publisher: Breitkopf und Haertel (Germany)

Edition: 9126


Pas à pas
for bassoon and accordion
by Misato Mochizuki (b. 1969)- Japanese composer

This title comes as a single performance score. It is a facsimile reprint of a handwritten manuscript. Legible, but barely. The score is in loose-leaf format. Written in 2000. 

It was Teodoro Anzellotti who suggested that I compose a duet for this unusual combination. I took the idea at once and felt that the originality of the sound worlds inhabited by these instruments was close to my way of thinking.
Pas à pas is a kind of suite with dances in two time or three time. These movements are either linked to each other or act in timbral opposition. I am casting a nod as it were at a sentence by the writer Paul Auster: “When you walk your brain as well as your body moves ahead step by step.“
--Misato Mochizuki
Duration: 8:00