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Vision of Basque-SOLO BSN

Composer: Lamb, Marvin

Publisher: Medici Music Press

Edition: 64013


Vision of Basque
for unaccompanied bassoon
by Marvin Lamb (b. 1946)- American composer and pedagogue


Vision of Basque is a composition based upon the artistic substance and method of composition found in Picasso's "Guernica". This evocation of the Picasso serves to symbolize, as does the original, a time in history when the Basque region of Spain was terrorized by Fascist politics. During this time, a society of shepherds was drastically and irrevocably pulled into the worst of our modern age- modern awrfare. "Guernica" focuses on the trauma of that act. Using the "Canto Del Cavallero" by Antonio de Cabezon (1510-1566) as pitch material, Vision of Basque attempts to musically evoke Picasso's realization of warfare and consequent trauma through sonorous distortion of this simple Cabezon song. 

There is limited use of extended technique in this piece.