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Boulder Bassoon Band Quartets (score & parts) - 4BSN

Composer: Collection

Publisher: TrevCo

Edition: 1521 - 48736


Bassoon Band Quartets

Adapted and edited by Bill Douglas and John Steinmetz, this collection includes the following titles:

Josquin de Prez:
1. Agnus Dei (from Missa Pange Lingua)
2. El Grillo (The Cricket)
3. Vive le roy
4. Une Mousse de Biscaye (A Basque Girl)

J.S. Bach:
5. Komm, susser Tod (Come, Sweet Death)
6. Fuga IX (from the Well-Tempered Clavier, Book II)
7. Herzlich thut mich verlangen (four settings)
8. Herzlich thut mich verlangen (with treble obligato)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:
9. Four Canons

Some of the best bassoon music was originally written for something other than bassoon. In keeping with the Boulder Bassoon Band's mission to liberate great bassoon music from whatever disguise it might be wearing, this collection presents adaptations of favorites by three of the all-time best composers: Josquin, Bach, and Mozart. 

A big thank-you to the bassoonists who played in the BBB over the years: Jim Cochrane, Bruce Orr, Dan Young, Steven Braunstein, Cynde Iverson, Richard Sharp, Kent Townsend, Susan Wadsworth, and Rob Weir. A special thanks to Bill Douglas, founder and leader of the BBB, for composing and adapting the group's repertoire, and for discovering these pieces. Bill is one of the most inspiring musicians I know, and I am grateful for the way he opened my ears to so many musical worlds.

-John Steinmetz, November, 2013, Altadena, CA