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Technical Basics of Oboe Playing, minor - OB METHOD

Composer: Mendel, Andreas

Publisher: Konikos

Edition: 70318


The Technical Basics of Oboe Playing:

Scales for the Oboe, Exercises for a clean and controlled response, Staccato, Arpeggios, An essay on Vibrato

This book is the second volume of 'The Technical Basics of Oboe Playing'. It contains effective and systematic exercises for scales in minor (mostly harmonic but also melodic minors), and therefore completes the scales exercises for all keys - both major and minor.

As in the first volume, the exercises appear in the following forms:

1. Scales: possible variations, 5-note scale, scale with auxiliary note
2. Thirds: repeated, flowing, with auxiliary note
3. Fourths: repeated, flowing, with auxiliary note
4. Staccato
5. Arpeggios: arpeggios with variations
The 'minor edition' also contains the following exercises:
1. Warm up
2. Exercise for a clean and controlled response (Andrea Glaser)
3. Staccato (by Maurice Bourgue)
4. Arpeggios (by Emanuel Abbühl)

An essay on Vibrato (by Matthias Bäcker) completes this exercise book.

The Minor Edition contains 96 stich-bound pages finished with a laminate cover, making the book robust and long lasting.

from Bert Lucarelli: 

"There are specifically two aspects of the book that I enjoy.
The first is the methodical way you order the exercises and
the other is the text in which you give some very good advice and
suggestions as to how to work these exercises.
It is a book that not only confronts the issue of digital facility but is a book offering exercises that help with developing ones own musical voice.
Congratulations on writing a book that will help many oboe players."

Humbert Lucarelli

Professor of Oboe and Chamber Music
New York University, Steinhardt School
The Yale School of Music, Visiting Lecturer,
City University of New York, Graduate Center
The Hartt School, University of Hartford, Professor Emeritus
The Conservatory of Music at SUNY-Purchase (1980 to 2012)