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In a Dream - SOLO BSN

Composer: Meier, Zachery S.

Publisher: TrevCo

Edition: 2959 - 68342


In a Dream

for solo bassoon

by Zachery S. Meier

From the composer:

In a Dream was composed without a meter marking or bar lines to represent any sort of standardized time. All is relative to the previous notes and the value to which the performer has given them. All accidentals are specific to that note unless otherwise noted.

The opening starts with a call into the distance, resembling the beginning of a dream and the first exposition of the main theme of the piece. Cascading notes, accompanied with a slight accelerations to help emphasize the climbing scale, perpetuates the dreamer further into their dream world. Becoming less clear as to where the dreams is headed, chromatic alterations and fast uneven notes force them into the next rhythmic section of their adventure. Finding themselves in a dark, dance-like motif that degenerates to a steady rhythmic core, the dreamer is lost in the depths of their imagination. A falling chromatic line suddenly appears; with loss of control, speed and tonality, all together, the dreamer is abducted from the dance and brought to a soaring melodic line resembling the return of peace and light. A small glimpse of the past adventure protrudes out of a single held note through quick blips of a melodic line. A final call similar to the beginning theme returns, releasing the sleeper from the dream as they regain consciousness.