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High Note Studies - BSN

Composer: Maxwell, Susan Gustavson

Publisher: Prairie Dawg Press (Bruce Gbur)

Edition: 47450


High Note Studies

by Susan Gustavson Maxwell

There are several ways to use this book. It can be a reference guide for fingerings, ideas and inspiration as well as an etude hook for practice. It is my recommendation that the bassoonist work initially from their current ability before moving on to more difficult exercises. 

Before attempting these studies, the bassoon and reed must both be in proper working condition. This book is a tool, and like in any other craft, a tool is a resource that can only function with he aid of a skilled worker. Becoming a skilled worker does not occur overnight; in fact, it requires much time, effort and patience. In this process many details are discovered that lead to the end result of craftsmanship. This book describes the information negotiated in working on high-note playing.