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The Classical Woodwind Cadenza (A Workbook)-BOOK

Composer: Mather/Lasocki

Publisher: McGinnis & Marx

Edition: MGM5075


The Classical Woodwind Cadenza
A Workbook
by Betty Bang Mather and David Lasocki


Terms and Symbols

Part I: The Classical Woodwind Cadenza's Heritage
  • Cadential Embellishments: Cadenzas and Flourishes
  • Baroque and Pre-Classical Cadential Embellishments
  • Classical Preludes
Part II: Learning to Compose Classical Woodwind Cadenzas
  • The First Steps in Learning to Improvise
  • General Description
  • Play Record and Listen
  • Leaning Two Simple Cadenzas
  • Melodic Passage Work
  • Harmonic Progressions
  • Rhythm, Meter, and Tempo
  • Using Material from the Concerto
  • Character
  • Length
  • Ornamentation of the Final Trio
  • Romantic and Classical Cadenzas Compared
Indexes and Bibliography