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Interpretation of French Music (1675-1775)-BOOK

Composer: Mather, Betty Bang

Publisher: McGinnis & Marx

Edition: 5085


Interpretation of French Music (1675-1775)
by Betty Bang Mather

For woodwind and other performers, with additional comments on German and Italian Music. 

This book is divided into the following subject areas:

1. Rhythmic Inequality
Simple Duple Meters
Simple Triple Meters
Compound Duple Meters
Compound Triple Meters
Summary of most common signs
2. Articulation
The Syllables
Slurring Practicess
The New Tongue Strokes
3. Ornamentation
Port de Voix
Son Enfle
Italian Terms as defined in 18th-century books
recommended modern editions of period works
17th and 18th century sources
Modern references