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Selected Studies for Oboe, V1 (Maizels) - OB METHOD

Composer: Collections

Publisher: Southern Music (USA)

Edition: B580


Selected Studies for Oboe, Volume 1
for oboe
by Yuri Maizels - Russian oboist and pedagogue
I. Exercises for Beginners - Maizels
II. Continued Exercises on Tone Production with Expanded Range - Maizels
III. Studies from the Elementary Method for Oboe - Hinke
IV. Legato Studies - Hinke
V. Advanced Etudes for Beginners - Hinke
VI. Staccato Exercises- Hinke
VII. Twenty-One Duets for Two Oboes - Garnier
     Part I - For Beginners
     Part II - Medium Difficulty Duets

This collection of etudes was written, compiled and edited by Russian oboist and pedagogue Yuri Maizels to provide the most efficient means possible for young players to learn the basics of oboe playing. The composers, Hinke (a German composer who taught and worked in St. Petersburg during the reign of the Tsars), Wiedemann, Garnier and Debondue are among the finest of writers and pedagogues featured in this series. These studies begin very simply and gradually increase in difficulty, becoming more challenging melodically and rhythmically, with increasing comprehension of the instrument. Short phrases enable the student to learn to control both breathing and intonation. This collection of studies, in three volumes, can help a high school student or young professional to master technique, breathing, and intonation while developing the endurance that is vitally important for oboe players.

Yuri Maizels was born in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) in the former Soviet Union. After the conclusion of the Second World War, he was accepted at age 13 into the Naval Boarding Musical School in Leningrad to study the oboe. In 1964, he graduated from the College of Music with multiple degrees in oboe performance, oboe teaching, and conducting.