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Guttersnipe-SOLO BSN

Composer: Hayden, Paul

Publisher: Magnolia Music Press (Paul Hayden)

Edition: MAG1992


for unaccompanied bassoon
by Paul Hayden- American composer
I. Walkabout
II. Guttersnipe Lied
Guttersnipe was commissioned by and is dedicated to William Ludwig, who premiered the work at the 1992 International Double Reed Society Conference in Frankfurt, Germany. The first movement makes extensive use of tongue slaps (both with and without the reed) and loud, overblown harmonics. Introductory and closing sections exploit a variety of multiphonics and timbral trills. The second movements follows the first movement after a short pause. A soaring melody (composed primarily of quarter-tones) is twice interrupted with loud fluttertonguing and timbral trills. The closing section briefly recalls the end of the first movement. 
A fingering chart is provided for the performer.