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Odd Bird Concerto, op. 37 (score and solo part only)-BSN/STGS/PERC

Composer: Lussier, Mathieu

Publisher: TrevCo

Edition: 70595


Odd Bird Concerto
for bassoon, strings and percussion

by Mathieu Lussier (b. 1973) - French-Canadian composer, conductor and bassoonist

I. Introduction: The Bird and the Agitation of Life
II. Ending Worlds
III. The Tragic Bird Finds Its Way to Peace

From the composer: 

I had long wanted to write a bassoon concerto, many other projects intervened. Nadina Mackie Jackson has been such a crucial figure in my life and career that I felt, in 2012, that the time had come to odder her the concerto U had always wanted to write. The nickname "Odd Bird" for this concerto comes from knowing Nadina, her paintings, her early record label and, of course, her world-famous cerulean hair. In my view, she definitely is a bird, thought perhaps no more odd than any of us!

The first movement allegro section is a nod to her recent Vivaldi album, with an opening figure derived from the baroque patterns used by Vivaldi. I could not resist adding a bass drum for dramatic impact. As with the trumpet concerto, I first wrote the slow movement, Ending Worlds, which was written during the final season of the beautiful Bavarian Festival, Klang & Raum, where I had the honor of performing for ten summers with Tafelmusik. The last movements includes quotes from many other works I have written in recent years. I wanted to achieve a feeling of redemption in someone who has forged a path through hard moments and, finally, found her true way. I often feel musicians overplay the dramatic aspects of my music, but in the case of the Odd Bird Concerto, I intended all of the drama. 

This is just the score and solo bassoon part.  To order the full set, click here.