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16 Valses Para Fagote & Sonatina-SOLO BSN

Composer: Mignone, Francisco

Publisher: LRQ - Harry Searing

Edition: 38750


Sixteen Valses & Sonatina
for unaccompanied bassoon
by Francisco Mignone (1897-1986) - Brazilian composer

Sixteen Waltzes (1979-1981)

1. Aquela modinha que o Villa nao escrevu
That Modinha that Villa didn't write
2. 6a valsa brasileira
(6th Brazilian Waltz)
3. Valsa em si bemol menor (Dolorosa)
Waltz in bb minor (Painfully)
4. Misterio...(Quanto amei-a!) (Valsa doentia)
Mystery- How Much I Loved Her! (Feeble Waltz)
5. Valsa da outra esquina
Waltz of the Other Corner
6. Valsa- Choro
Choro- Waltz
7. Valsa improvisada
Improvised Waltz
8. Apanhei-te meu fagotinho (Valsa parodia)
I Got You, My Little Bassoon (Parody Waltz)
9. +1 3/4
One More in 3/4 Meter
10. Pattapiada
Pattapiada (Homage to the flutist Pattapio Silva)
11. A boa Pascoa para voce, Devos! (Valsa em fa sustenido menor)
Happy East to You, Devos! (Waltz in f sharp minor)
12. Valse quase modinheira (A implorante)
Almost a Modinha Style Waltz (The Imploring Woman)
13. Valsa ingenua
Naive Waltz
14. A escrava que nao era Isaura (Valsa sem quadratura)
The Slave Who Wasn't Isaura (Waltz Without Form)
15. Macunaima (A Valsa sem carater)
Macunaima (Waltz Without Character)
16. Valsa Declamada (O viuvo)
Recited Waltz (The Widower
Sonatina for solo Bassoon (1961)
This edition of the Valses has been re-engraved and beautifully edited by Harry Searing.