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Journey Toward the Eternal Flame-OB/BSN/PN

Composer: List, Andrew

Publisher: Imagine Music

Edition: BCMS172


Journey Toward the Eternal Flame (2014)
for oboe, bassoon, and piano
by Andrew List- American composer
I. Up From the Depths
II. Journey to the High Mountain
III. Life Dance
Journey Toward The Eternal Flame is a work, which draws inspiration from Dante's Divine Comedy. It is dedicated to Matthew Ruggiero, a great musician, teacher, friend and the founder of the Boston Woodwind Society.

The structure of this work is in three movements each of which correspond to the three parts of Dante's masterpiece. The title of the movements are: “Up From the Depths,” “Journey to the High Mountain” and “Life Dance,” relating directly to Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso. In Journey Toward The Eternal Flame I attempt to personalize and modernize Dante's classic story by relating it to one's individual life journey. Each movement symbolizes the struggle to overcome both internal and external challenges with the goal to move closer to finding inner peace and establishing a personal relationship to the divine.