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Gyfu (2011)- SOLO OB

Composer: Lim, Liza

Publisher: Ricordi (Italy)

Edition: 65750


Gyfu (Gift) (2011)
for oboe solo
by Liza Lim (b. 1966)- Australian composer


Gyfu, or gift, is part of a series of pieces with titles drawn from Viking runes. The cross-shaped pictogram denotes concepts of exchange, hospitality, partnership, and ecstatic union amongst other meanings. Musically, the piece comprises sequences of 'folding and unfolding', a rhetorical device of repeated phrases that criss-cross. Two Arabic scales or maqam are referred to in the work: Saba, denoting emotions such as longing, sadness, sensitivity, and pain, and Sikah, denoting love. This work makes almost constant use of extended technique. A key is provided for some of the notational markings. Dedicated to Peter Veale. 

Duration: 10:00