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Legend of the Sea - SOLO BSN

Composer: Li, Xinyan

Publisher: TrevCo

Edition: 2016 - 68229


Legend of the Sea (2007)
for unaccompanied bassoon
by Xinyan Li - Chinese composer

Bassoon solo work Legend of the Sea is composed as a bassoon drama. In this work, I consider bassoon an actor, who acts several characters by one single actor, include the young girl, the young girl's husband, and the whale etc. It tells a story of the fight between a young girl and a whale that swallowed her. To flourish the tone color and intensify the contradiction of bassoon, I use the "Tiger sound" and "Dragon sound" which are typical sounds in the role "Painted Face" in Beijing Opera, the false sound in the role "Xiao Sheng", the percussive sound in "Wu Chang"(Percussion Ensemble in Beijing Opera), as well as crying tune used in "Bride Crying Songs" in Chinese Minority "Tu Jia" Nationality. It is an expressive, creative and dramatic piece that combines both the western instrument bassoon's character and Chinese cultural features.

--Xinyan Li

This edition reproduces Xinyan Li's score for Legend of the Sea. As such it presents page turn issues. Therefore, the publisher has printed the entire piece in standard booklet format but to assist with page turns, one will find an additional printing of pages 1/2 which, for performance, should be placed next to page 3 of the booklet. Page 3 and 5 page turns provide sufficient time without the need for extra pages.