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Twelve Moments of Sanity-SOLO BSN

Composer: Leventahl, Amy

Publisher: ALV (Leventhal)

Edition: ALV01


Twelve Moments of Sanity
for unaccompanied bassoon
by Amy Leventhal (b. 1956)- American composer
1. Why don't they take it down?!
2. What if they did?
3. Need a break
4. Resiliency
5. Paul Robeson's Father William (Who was formerly enslaved)
6. Looking Up at a Large trunk of a Maple Tree and Seeing its Magnificence
7. Inner Well-Being
8. Fear Feeling
9. Beauty
10. My Belief in Goodness
11. My Cousin Meredith
12. Hattie Our Elderly Dog

From the composer:
I began composing Twelve Moments of Sanity the summer of 2018 for my dear beloved and talented friend, bassoonist, Patricia Gunter. I have been deeply disturbed by the current government of the United States and this was before they took over two thousand children away from their parents. I think psychologically in some ways this piece was composed with an effort to express my concerns and to comfort myself. The first movements is about a March and the Hate-Free Movement in Decatur, Georgia. My husband and I marched to support the taking down of a Confederate Monument next to the old courthouse in Decatur. We marched quite a while ago and it still remains. The first three movements express frustration, tempered hopefulness, and anger. The rest of the movements are fairly self-explanatory. My cousin Meredith is a deep joy in my life and a big part of my happiness. I have always adored the sound of the bassoon and it is fun to explore its potential. 

The cover art is by Khalaih Daniels.
Duration: 10:41